Jessica A. Rick

PhD Student | University of Wyoming | PopGen & Evolutionary Biology


Outreach & Open Resources

I would not be where I am today without a multitude of people helping me out— both in terms of teaching me skills and sharing resources. For this reason, I like to pay it forward and help others out as they learn and go about their research. On this page, I have a random smattering of resources related to various different research that I’ve done, including some explainers, some tutorials, and some things just for fun. Please feel free to use these resources or pass them along to others— and please do let me know if they are useful to you, or if have suggestions for making them more so!

More resources can be found on my GitHub page:


Demographic modeling explainer

This is a comic I drew in an attempt to explain genomics-based demographic modeling (i.e. PSMC/MSMC) to those who find it a bit mysterious (read: most scientists). It was a fun exercise for me to go through, and hopefully it can help others to understand!

This comic was also the subject of my guest post on the Engage Laramie Science blog: “Comics make the -omics more accessible.”


Bioinformatics Research Log Template

This is a LaTeX template that I created from an Overleaf Research Diary template, which I modified for keeping track of bioinformatics work. The LaTeX template files can be downloaded by clicking here, or accessed on Overleaf here.

Keeping a “lab notebook” for computer-based analyses is crucial for open and reproducible science, and has made a HUGE difference for me in streamlining my analyses (no matter how many times I have to re-do them).


Tutorial on using R markdown within Overleaf Documents

I wrote up this tutorial to explain how to incorporate R Markdown documents into Overleaf (V2) documents, as it pretty much blew my mind when I learned that the two could talk to each other. Just think, you can run your analyses in your R Markdown file, create figures, and they’ll update in your manuscript on Overleaf! What more could you want in life?!?


Conference Posters and Presentations

Evolution 2019 — “Reference genome choice and filtering pipeline jointly impact phylogenetic analyses